Where do I report a malfunctioning charger?

If you contact us, we can provide feedback and assistance, but we do not own or operate any charging stations. For problems with a station please contact the charging network provider: 

  • AeroVironment (888) 833-2148 evscs@avinc.com
  • Blink (888) 998-2546 support@blinknetwork.com
  • Car Charging (888) 758-4389 info@carcharging.com
  • ChargePoint (888) 758-4389 support@chargepoint.com
  • Greenlots (888) 751 8560 support@greenlots.com
  • EVgo (877) 455-3833 support@evgonetwork.com
  • SemaConnect 1-800-663-5633 customerservice@semmaconnect.com
  • GE WattStation (855) 443-3873 wattstation.support@ge.com

This guide from PluginCars.com is a great resource for more information about the major charging networks:  http://www.plugincars.com/ultimate-guide-electric-car-charging-networks-126530.html

Please also report the issue to alert fellow PlugSharers of the problem by checking in and leaving a review about your experience.You can refer back to "What if I find incorrect information about a public station" in the FAQ to learn how to edit information and report an issue. Checking-in and leaving tips really helps out other drivers in the PlugShare community! 

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