There is a problem with the charger. Where should I report it?

If you contact us, we can provide feedback and assistance, but we do not own or operate any of the charging stations. For problems with a station please contact the charging network provider: 

  • AeroVironment (888) 833-2148
  • Blink (888) 998-2546
  • Car Charging (888) 758-4389
  • ChargePoint (888) 758-4389
  • Greenlots (888) 751 8560
  • EVgo (877) 455-3833
  • SemaConnect 1-800-663-5633
  • GE WattStation (855) 443-3873

Please also check-in at the station to report the issue within the app and alert fellow PlugSharers of the problem.

After tapping on the specific location, check in using the orange "Check in" button.

You can refer back to "What if I find incorrect information about a station?" in the FAQ to learn how to edit information and "I had a good/bad experience somewhere. Who do I tell?" to learn how to report an issue by checking in. 

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